European conference CO2, Industries and Regions

For the last three years, a group of industrial firms in the Dunkirk metropolitan area has organised the CO2, Industries and Regions European Conference.

The event is based on an observation: our response to tackling climate change, preserving the environment and maintaining a competitive industrial fabric that provides jobs can only emerge out of multi-stakeholder discussions taking place on a local level.

On 23 September 2021, following the success of the first editions, the organisers would like to more extensively involve representatives from European industrial regions, national, European and international bodies responsible for industrial transition, site managers, solution providers, higher-education institutions and researchers around six main areas:

- The procurement of carbon-free raw materials and energy sources,
- Carbon reduction and process efficiency,
- Innovative carbon capture, use and storage solutions,
- Integrated regional experiments (regional industrial ecology),
- Carbon regulations and taxation,
- Innovation support schemes.


The CO2, Industries and Regions one-day event is jointly organised by:

Littoral Hauts de France chamber of commerce and industry
Urban Community of Dunkirk (Communauté urbaine de Dunkerque)
-  Hauts-de-France Region
Mission rev3
-  French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME)
Port of Dunkirk (Grand Port Maritime de Dunkerque)
Aluminium Dunkerque
Comilog Dunkerque
Ferroglobe Manganèse France